Unless you're already a seasoned athlete and your body is used to high levels of activity, intense exercise is to be avoided on phase 2 of the 123Diet. However, that doesn't mean you have to be a couch potato! Here are a few ideas for staying active without overloading your body and interfering with your hard-earned results.

1. Yoga

Some light yoga could be a great way to stay relaxed and keep in shape while on the 123Diet. In yoga, you will be taught to move through different "asanas", or postures, which will often be connected by flowing sequences called "vinyasas". Yoga originated as an ancient Hindu religious practice, but has been widely adopted by other cultures for its benefits as exercise.

Yoga can increase your flexibility and muscle tone while improving your respiration and cardiac health. You may also be able to improve your sense of well-being and powers of concentration through yoga's mental benefits. Taking a yoga class is also a great to stay engaged socially, though you can also always pull up a video if you're running short on time.

2. Biking

You don't have to start training for a triathalon, but a little biking now and then is a great idea for you and the environment— ever thought about how much gas we could save if more of our commutes were fueled by our own two feet?

Biking has less impact on your joints than running and other higher-impact exercises, and it also boasts a lower incidence of injuries. So hop right on— just remember to wear your helmet!

3. Swimming

Cool off and burn calories by jumping into your local pool for some swimming. Regular swimming can improve your cardiac health, increase your lung capacity, and lower your blood pressure, and it's lot more fun and refreshing than the daily grind at the treadmill.

Swimming is also a great option even for those with arthritis and other disabilities, and it allows you to work a variety of muscles by trying out different strokes.

4. Dancing

Ready to turn up the music and show us what you've got? You'll definitely burn a few calories in the meantime! There are all kinds of dance workout videos just waiting for you on  the internet, and not all of them are super hard core.

Physical video games like "Just Dance" and "Dance Dance Revolution" could also be a fun and easy way to get some low-impact exercise in, as could attending a local Zumba, salsa, or hip-hop class.

5. Walking

As long as you stick to it, good old-fashioned walking can lead to many of the same health benefits as more intense exercise, from lower body weight to reduced stress. If you're having trouble staying motivated, try getting a pedometer or fit-bit to track your progress or downloading a step-tracking app on your smartphone.

While 10,000 steps per day is a good minimum goal, experts recommend that you should really be aiming for more like 15,000. To fit it all in, try taking walk breaks throughout your day rather than aiming for one big cram session, or try finding a workout buddy to keep you in check!

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