There are many complicated reasons people can find themselves gaining weight, but one reason many dieters find themselves turning to unhealthy food is out of plain old boredom.

There are countless, more life-affirming ways to spend an hour or two than chowing down on some Oreos you definitely do not need and sabotaging all your hard-earned progress. So here's a round up of just a few invigorating alternatives!

1. Enjoy the Great Outdoors

In our fast-paced, screen-obsessed world, few of us get enough fresh air and take the time to appreciate the wonders of the natural world. Instead of strolling through the pantry, take a stroll or a bike ride through a local park, and you’ll even burn a few calories while you’re at it!

Those among us lucky enough to live in a tropical locale may also appreciate checking out the beach, and the zoo isn't only for lions and monkeys! You don't even necessarily have to go further than your own backyard- why not take up some gardening?

2. Connect With A Friend

Another thing too few of us take time out for is staying connected to the people who matter to us. Maintaining a healthy support system is also crucial to achieving your fitness goals, so why not reach out to someone you can count on to inspire you and keep you on track?

A lull in your evening may be the perfect time to Facebook message that friend from college you always meant to get back in touch with. Now that you're finally getting in shape, you might even be in the mood to talk to an old flame!

3. Play A Game

If you're feeling low and trying to stay away from the fridge, splurge on a fancy new game system, whip out your phone and re-download Candy Crush, or even just break out good old-fashioned solitaire or that puzzle you've always been meaning to do. Fun doesn't have to come in the form of food.

Plus, what you're doing might be more than just entertaining yourself—playing games can be good for your brain too! One study found playing video games to be associated with increased matter in the brain regions responsible for spatial orientation, memory formation, strategic planning, and fine motor skills. Puzzles may also confer a special mental benefit because they engage both sides of the brain.

4. Take Up A New Hobby

Getting engaged in something meaningful, however small, is the key to keeping your mind out of the kitchen. So why not make the effort to try a new activity that's a little out of your comfort zone, or reengage with a passion that you've lost sight of?

What if now is the time to start writing that book you've always been secretly plotting, or finally take that art or improvisation class you've been eyeing?

Audition for a local play, try out for a bowling league, or even invest in a crochet set. Your most interesting and authentic self may be a little hard to find, but he or she certainly isn't lurking in your ice cream drawer.

5. Volunteer

One of the best ways to stop thinking about food is to stop thinking about yourself entirely. If you want to make a difference but don't know where to start, try asking about opportunities with your local religious group, animal shelter, or arts organization. There are also specialized sites like Volunteermatch that will help you find a place where you can use your unique talents most effectively.

6. Make A Healthy Meal or Snack

Even mindful eaters have to eat something, so why not try out one of our signature recipes? Going through the process of cooking can help you learn to truly taste and appreciate every bite of your dinner instead of just listlessly scarfing down whatever you can whip up quickest.

But we also understand if all you're up to is grabbing a plate of celery and turning on the latest Netflix headliner. If you've gotta veg out, at least veg out with some vegetables!

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