Instead of getting the special dad in your life a box of fattening chocolates or an irresistible new flat-screen guaranteed to have him glued to the coach, why not get him a fancy new gadget that can help him and the rest of your family achieve their fitness goals? Read on for a few high-tech suggestions.

1. Intelligent Water Bottle

First smart phones, then smart watches, and now smart water bottles? It's not too weird to be true and to be an awesome Father's Day gift thanks to the rise of intelligent water bottles like the Hidrate Spark 3, the DrinkUp Smart Water Bottle, and the H20 Pal.

These nifty devices can calculate how much water you should be drinking given statistics like your weight and activity level. Smart bottles can also keep track of your water intake and notify you of when you need to drink more, perhaps by sending a notification to your smartphone or lighting up. Some will also tell you your water's temperature and remind you when it's time to refill.

2. Fitness Tracker


Give your dad a head-start on his next work-out by getting him a fitness tracker! The Fitbit, which now boasts more than 5 different varieties, may be the first and the most famous to hit the market, but competitors like the Amazfit Bip, the Apple Watch, and Garmin Vivosmart aren't far behind. These high tech devices can track your vitals, count your steps, monitor your sleep, and even tell you your optimum time to exercise.

3. Exercise-Based Video Game

Did you know that video games can actually be an effective work-out tool? Thanks to the glory of the modern age, the whole family can enjoy games specifically designed to enhance your fitness. Platforms like the Wii, X-box, PS4, and Nintendo Switch have all gotten on the bandwagon, and most can also track your weight and body size. Offerings range from dance and sports based games to yoga and strength training.

4. Wireless Headphones

We've all been there; having the time of our life and jamming to our favorite song on the treadmill...right up until we stumble over our headphone wire and knock 'em right off. Don't let your dad's basic, boring earbuds cramp his workout style; get him a pair of wireless headphones! One popular option is the Samsung Galaxy Buds, which can last up to 13 hours and pair with both iOS and Android. There's also Apple's Airpods, which feature voice-activated communication with Siri and can connect to your iPad and Mac as well as your iPhone.

5. iPhone Armband

It's hard to focus on hard-core cardio in in the great outdoors while holding on to your iPhone. Luckily, there are a truly astonishing number of armbands out there designed to keep your device securely in place while you run or bike, so we're certain you can find one that will suit your outdoorsy dad's needs. Some versions come with pockets for credit cards or cash, protective sleeves that still allow you to use your device, or holders for headphone cords. Other varieties can turn into a tote bag or go around your waist rather than arm.

6. Workout Gear

You can't stay fit if you don't have the right wardrobe. So why not get your dad a stylish but stretchy and sweat-resistant shirt or pair of shorts, a weather-resistant jacket for outdoor runs, an efficient new workout bag for those back and forths to the gym, a snazzy baseball cap, or a gift card for his favorite sportswear store?

7. Cooking Supplies

The first step in eating right is cooking right. Instead of a fatty restaurant meal, surprise your dad with a knife set or cutting board perfect for preparing some of our healthy recipes, a high tech blender for making the ultimate protein shake, a new grill or grilling set just right for a sizzling steak... the list is almost infinite!

8. Exercise Equipment

Besides your usual treadmill, elliptical, weight-set, or indoor/outdoor bike, there are also higher tech options like the multipurpose Boflex home gym or the trendy and interactive Peloton cardio machine. If these options sound a little too expensive or bulky to you, you could also get your dad a subscription to your local gym!

9. Coffee Maker

Coffee is one of the world's healthiest foods along with one of the tastiest, and the options for making it at home have become increasingly high-tech. Up your dad's coffee game with the latest Keurig, an elegant french press, an efficient expresso machine, or a cool cold brew maker. If your household is set as far as your coffee-making needs, consider choosing a gift that's indulgent as well as low-calorie with some gourmet coffee or tea.

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