Your SmartPhone isn't just for Candy Crush and cat memes. It can also be a powerful ally in your weight loss journey! We've scanned the world wide web to find these nine useful apps you can use to help you up your workout game and keep your diet on track.

1. MyFitnessPal

When it comes to weight loss, this app is a trusty companion. Use it to count your daily steps, log other forms of exercise, track your daily intake, record your changes in weight, and read blogs about trending food and fitness topics. You can also add fellow users as friends to compare your daily progress, and the premium version allows you to track your daily macronutrient intake as well.

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2. FIT Radio

Are you a music snob looking for some fresh fitness inspiration? This app features DJ curated, ready-made playlists specifically designed to accompany your workouts. You can search them by genre, the type of exercise you plan on doing, or even by your desired beats per minute. The app also includes a cardio coaching feature and strength training videos.

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3. MealPlanner Pro

Want an easy way to organize your healthy eating plans? This app's customizable  meal plan calendar may be just what you need! You can add you own favorite 123Diet recipes as well as search those created by other users, view nutritional information for tons of different foods, make grocery lists organized by aisle, and browse interactive cookbooks!

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4. Instagram

This one isn't a weight loss app per se, but did you know that Instagram has a huge fitness and wellness community? You can browse fitness-related hashtags in search of inspiration for your next workout, and be sure to follow us at @123diet.drops for multiple new recipes per week, amazing transformation stories, and thinspirational Motivation Monday posts. Once you've started to achieve your goals, you may also want to use Instagram to document your progress or post an ego-boosting selfie!

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5. Mindbody

Always on the go but still trying to fit in some fitness classes? This app helps you find workout classes near you, with offerings ranging from relatively low-impact yoga and dance to high-key interval training and boot camp! It also can help you find other wellness-related services like massage therapists and beauty treatments— so why not reward yourself for all your hard work with a little pampering?

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6. Happy Scale

One of the most frustrating parts of weight-loss is dealing with the unpredictability of the scale. But this app can take some of the guesswork out of the process by making predictions about when you'll hit your goals based on their sophisticated algorithm. It also can help you set motivating milestones and allow you to track your weight loss over time, so you can see the big picture instead of getting discouraged after one bad day.

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7.  Myplate

This app from Livestrong allows you to track your calorie, water, and macronutrient intake,  your daily exercise, and your weight loss progress over time. You can sync it with Apple Health for easier input, and it also offers a wide variety of workout videos and healthy recipes, as well as active community message boards.

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8. Nike Training Club

No matter how big or small your fitness goals, it may be worth checking out the wide-ranging free workout videos offered by Nike Training Club. Choose a short workout that requires only your body if you're on a tight schedule, or bust out the gym equipment for a more advanced workout— the longer offerings last 30-45 minutes!

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9. Endomondo

If you're the kind of athlete who prefers time in the open air to gym-based workouts, Endomondo may be your jam. It uses your device's GPS to analyze your progress during runs and a variety of other outdoor sports, allowing you to track your time, distance, pace, speed, and calories burned. Plus, you can sync Endomondo with other activity and nutrition tracking apps, participate in their featured challenges or create your own, and use it share your workout progress on social media.

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