Winter may mean dodging colds and suffering through calorie-laden Christmas parties, but there is one perk of this silly season; it brings us the perfect weather for a nice warm cup of tea!

Besides the obvious facts that a nicely flavored beverage might satisfy a craving or oral fixation without costing you any calories and that a warm beverage may help you feel fuller by taking up space in your stomach, the compounds in tea can do all sorts of wonders for your weight loss and your health!

Though tea alone is unlikely to give you the speedy weight loss of your dreams, it can almost definitely increase the amount of fat you can burn while following a proper diet. Teas tend to be rich in healthy antioxidants like flavones, flavonols, and catechins, all of which have been found to reduce your risk of weight gain over time.

Caffeinated teas may also increase your energy levels while providing a milder buzz than stronger coffee, while non-caffeinated teas can help you stay hydrated. Note also that the longer you steep your tea, the more nutrients can saturate it, and thus the bigger the health benefits.

As far as add ins, stay far away from sugar or dangerous artificial sweeteners and avoid going too hard on the milk! Instead, stick to a natural sweeteners like stevia or honey and flavor your beverage with a hint of fresh lemon, apple cider vinegar, or your favorite fat-burning spice.

1. Oolong Tea

This light-tasting tea is a deceptively powerful fat burner! In one study, seventy percent of severely obese subjects, 64 percent of obese subjects, and 66 percent of overweight subjects lost at least one kilogram during a six-week period in which they drank oolong tea daily, this despite the fact that none were instructed to change their diet!

Another study found that subjects who drank oolong tea burned more fat than subjects who drank plain or caffeinated water. One study even found that oolong tea contained more polyphenols and catechins than black or green tea and offered a bigger metabolism boost than these other popular tea types, despite actually having less caffeine!

2. Yerba Mate

Yerba mate contains seven of our nine essential amino acids, anti-inflammatory saponins, and more antioxidants than green tea! It also contains more caffeine than most teas but still less than coffee, meaning it could give you a similar mental boost without making you quite as jittery.

Mouse studies indicate that yerba mate may decrease the amount of fat cells in your body along with the amount of fat those cells can hold. Meanwhile, one human study found that a group of overweight research subjects taking yerba mate lost weight and belly fat during a twelve week period, while their counterparts on a placebo actually gained a few pounds!

Another study showed that yerba mate extract was the only one of twelve studied plants that effectively increased fat burning. Research has also shown the yerba mate may increase the amount of calories burned during exercise, and may additionally boost exercise performance by decreasing the build up of lactic acid in the muscles.

3. White Tea

White tea comes from the same camellia sinensis plant that green, black, and oolong tea do, but it is unique in that it comes from leaves that have just been harvested and sun-dried, rather than extensively processed as in these other teas.

This gives white tea a distinctly fresh flavor as well as some potent health properties. White tea has been found to be just as effective as green tea in the domains of antioxidant content and anti-cancer properties, and studies have shown it may likewise help increase fat-burning and prevent the formation of new fat cells.

4. Black Tea

Though black tea is sometimes called fermented tea, its processing actually involves withering and oxidation of camellia sinensis leaves rather than any bacterial fermentation of them.

Regular black tea consumption over a three month period reduced weight and waist circumference in a group of research subjects, and other studies suggest that it may block some fat absorption as well as speed up fat metabolism.

Other research suggests that this effect may be due to a compound found in black tea called gallic acid. Pu-erh tea, a specific type of black tea, has also been shown to provide a small weight loss boost in a study done on a group of patients with metabolic syndrome.

5. Rooibos Tea

This so-called superfood, also sometimes called red tea, contains an antioxidant associated with weight loss called aspalathin. It has been found to inhibit fat cell production as well as to reduce cortisol levels, meaning it may mitigate stress-related weight gain. As a bonus, rooibos tea may also protect your brain from free-radical damage!

6. Green Tea

With its cache of metabolism boosting catechins, green tea is one weight loss weapon that lives up to its hype! Studies have found that green tea increases metabolism more than caffeine alone would, as well as that it seemed to boost weight loss in a group of obese subjects. Other research has suggested green tea may improve waist and hip circumference, decrease blood pressure, and decrease bad cholesterol levels.

However, to get these benefits, you definitely have to drink green tea regularly, and possibly as much as four cups of it a day. Luckily, the 123Diet's drops contain green tea extract, which can help you get all of green tea's amazing health benefits without having to drink it constantly!

7. Dandelion Tea

Though dandelion's weight loss benefits have yet to be confirmed in humans, one mouse study suggested that it may be as effective as the drug Orlistat at blocking fat absorption.

Dandelion tea has also been found to reduce blood sugar and improve insulin tolerance in a group of diabetic patients, and the plant is packed with tons of vitamins and is a known diuretic!

8. Peppermint Tea

Peppermint has been found to reduce appetite, and there's some evidence that even smelling mint could have a similar effect. Mint has also been found to soothe digestive problems, fight dangerous inflammation, and increase exercise performance. Plus, mint's subtle stimulant properties make it great alternative to caffeinated tea for staying energized!

9. Chamomile Tea

While chamomile tea isn't known to have a direct effect on fat metabolism, it's full of healthy minerals like calcium and potassium that can improve your overall health. Chamomile also may boost your serotonin levels, which can help fight cravings, regulate your mood, and promote a healthier sleep cycle. For best results, drink it close to bedtime!

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