First, what you think of as a "plateau" may just be a normal weight loss slowdown. At the beginning of any diet, your weight will drop rapidly as your body uses up the carbohydrates it has stored as glycogen. Since this glycogen is stored with a lot of water, you may lose a lot of water weight very quickly. Though it may be motivating to see things moving in the right direction, this sort of drastic loss can't be expected every week!

Burning fat takes a much longer time. There are 3,500 calories in each pound of fat, so even a relatively large calorie deficit like the one offered by the 123Diet plan will take a while to work.

Later on, once you've started losing weight, your weight loss may slow even if you are eating the exact same amount because your smaller body now needs less energy. However, since you are still eating at large calorie deficit, the weight still will come off eventually—that is, if you haven't been cheating!


Perhaps the ways you've been breaking the diet don't feel significant, but tiny indulgences can add up. They can also create a slippery slope effect where you start to think that because you had one glass of beer or a cookie and still lost weight that day, you can now indulge in them all the time. Soon, you could be right back to where you started.

Even small amounts of processed high salt and high sugar food could contribute to water retention and weight gain. Allowing yourself little treats may also cause you to continue to crave unhealthy food and make adhering to the program harder, as opposed to letting your taste buds and body adapt to healthy ones.

On the other hand, if you have adhered strictly to the diet for a long time and have found that nothing is working for you, a short break to reset your metabolism and give your mind and body a rest may actually be what you need.

The 123Diet plan also suggests specific stall days if you find your weight getting stuck. Since both eggs and steak contain larger amounts of metabolism-boosting protein than you'd eat on a typical day, they could help to get your weight loss back into gear.

Your other stall day option is apples, which a few studies suggest they have special weight loss properties. Apples are also low in calories but high in fiber, so they may help get things moving again if you've been constipated, another frequent cause of a disappointing scale reading that can happen if you're still burning fat. If this is an issue with you, you should try choosing fruits and vegetables that contain more fiber, or trying our natural Pura-Lax.


If you've been doing a lot of exercise, you may also be gaining muscle, in which case the scale might show less change than you'd like despite the fact that you've been making health and fitness progress. If you want to see for yourself whether that's the case, you could try measuring yourself along with just weighing, or get a smart scale that can tell you exactly what percentage of your body is fat and how much is muscle.

Speaking of muscle, since exercise of all kinds enhances metabolism, you could also try moving more, whether through formal training or by trying to incorporate more movement into your everyday life. If you've already been working out, you could try switching up your exercise routine, whether that's by going harder on the kind of exercise you're already doing or investigating a new activity. On the other hand, if you've been doing too much exercise, you may want to dial it back to give yourself a chance to recover and reduce the stress on your body.

Stress itself can also be a huge contributor to weight gain and metabolic slowdown. Since stress and lack of sleep can both cause cortisol spikes that can interfere with weight loss, rebooting your weight loss may be as simple as learning how to relax.

You could also try adding more metabolism boosting food and drinks to your diet. Green tea is probably your best fat-burning option since it contains powerful antoxidants called catechins as well as caffeine. However, coffee and other teas aren't far behind!


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