What do you do when it's a special occasion and your friends or family want to celebrate with a nice meal out? This would be no big deal... if you weren't on a diet!

Still, there's no need to panic! First of all, you can probably get a hold of the menu beforehand with a little strategic googling, so you can plan your order ahead of time and focus on having fun in the moment.

If you're going out to breakfast, many restaurants offer fruit plates. For lunch or dinner, a simple piece of grilled fish or chicken with a veggie side, an egg and vegetable omelet, a green-style burger (lettuce instead of buns), or a salad with minimal toppings are all decent options.

Generally, the plainer something sounds, the better. Since the restaurant's only mission is to make the food taste as good as possible, they're apt to use generous helpings of fatty and decadent ingredients; you, on the other hand, will have to live with the consequences on your waistline! As can be seen from some chain restaurants' worst calorie offenders, if you order unthinkingly, you could easily end up eating an entire day's worth of calories in one dish!


Once you've made it to the table, don't be afraid to ask for substitutions or to ask questions about ingredients and how things are cooked. Remember that you are the customer here, and the restaurant wants to keep your business. You're also probably not the first one to come in with inquiries and special requests as clean-eating becomes more and more mainstream.

If every main course looks totally unacceptable, you could try just ordering a side or plain appetizer, or only eating the parts of your meal that are 123-approved. If there's absolutely nothing on the menu that suits your needs, you could eat your usual food beforehand and just have a coffee or tea at the gathering.

Finally, if you do end up breaking your diet, don't despair! Though we advise following our plan precisely if you want the best and quickest results, everybody makes mistakes sometimes. Living a healthy lifestyle is a lifelong journey, so just be sure to make an effort to get right back on the plan for your next meal instead of letting one bad day spiral into a major setback.


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