Losing weight is a long, exhausting process, and the number on the scale sometimes doesn't move quite as fast as we wish it would. That's why some dieters have decided to celebrate other, less numerical milestones on their weight loss journey.

Here are a few of the exciting non-scale breakthroughs you can look forward to if you remain dedicated to living a healthier lifestyle!

1. Less Cravings


The longer you eat a healthy diet, the more accustomed your body and brain become to choosing healthy foods over unhealthy ones.  You may notice that it becomes easier to choose a filling salad over greasy pasta, or that you no longer have the urge to indulge in a cheat meal even when you've given yourself "permission." Instead of having an internal battle every time you pass your old favorite ice cream shop, striding right on by is simply second nature.

2. Changes In Clothing Size


If you've been living a healthy lifestyle, you may be happily surprised to see that you've gone down one or two dress sizes, or notice that the jeans that used to be snug are now slipping off your bum. Looks like it's time to reward yourself with a well-deserved new wardrobe—and maybe you now have the confidence to try on a sexy short skirt or racy bikini you wouldn't have been caught dead in at a higher weight!

3. Better Mental Health


Fueling your body with nutrient-packed healthy foods instead of high-calorie junk can do wonders for your mental health, as can the knowledge that you are working hard to better yourself and seeing encouraging results. You may find yourself more self-confident, with more energy, in a better mood, and more focused and resilient even in areas of your life that have nothing to do with weight!  

4. Better Physical Health


Losing weight can do wonders for your health. A visit to your doctor might reveal that you have lower blood pressure, cholesterol, or blood sugar levels since beginning your weight loss journey, and you may even be able to reduce or get off of some of the medications you have been taking to treat your obesity-related health problems. You might also notice yourself enjoying better skin, better sleep, and shinier hair.

5. Changes In Your Body


Your weight isn't the only thing that changes during your weight loss journey. Some dieters find it more helpful and motivating to focus on inches lost rather than pounds, since changes in your fat-to-muscle ratio may not always be visible on a scale. You may also find that you have a lower percentage of body fat, that rolls or muffin tops that once vexed you are beginning to disappear, or that certain body parts, like knuckles and collarbones, are newly visible to you.

6. More Endurance


Losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle can work wonders for your endurance. Whether it's finally being able to run a mile or do a pull-up or just able to lift your baggage into an overhead compartment or run around with your grandchildren, your newfound physical abilities are definitely worth celebrating.

7. Others Noticing Your Weight Loss


We should be losing weight for ourselves first and foremost, but it is nice when the people around us notice that our hard work is paying off. It could be a compliment from a co-worker, a flattering Facebook comment, or your friends enviously asking you how you did it—and in that case, be sure to send them straight to 123Diet!

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