Maybe you first decided to start reducing your sugar intake because you noticed its effect on your waistline; but sugar can also have a devastating effect on your brain.

First; there's usually no such thing as enough of it. Sugar stimulates the brain's reward system in a way that's frighteningly similar to the way addictive drugs like cocaine and heroin do, causing a spike in pleasure chemical dopamine, and, shortly after, a subsequent crash that leads us to start craving sugar all over again.

Over time, we also build up a tolerance to sugar's "rewarding" effects, so we need more and more to achieve the same "high." This desensitizing effect can also undermine our self-control in other areas of our life; our brain becomes so focused on getting its quick-fix of sugar that we become impulsive and less willing and able to work for less fleeting and more meaningful rewards.

The elevated glucose in the bloodstream that comes with excessive sugar consumption also has terrifying physical effects on the brain; for example, it increases inflammation in critical brain areas like the hippocampus, which in turn leads to defects in memory and attention in sugar "addicts."

The higher your sugar consumption, the higher your risk of depression anxiety, and even, eventually, Alzheimer's disease. The prevalence of dementia in adults with type 2 diabetes has even led scientists to hypothesize that some types of Alzheimer's could be a form of "type 3 diabetes" in which the brain's inability to process insulin leads to progressive cognitive deficits.

However, the good news is that switching to a healthier, lower sugar diet can reverse much of the inflammatory damage caused by excessive sugar consumption.

Breaking the cycle of sugar addiction is critical to reclaiming your health, fitness, and sanity. Luckily, 123Diet's drops, which contain powerful Gymnema extract, can help make the process of quitting easier by curbing your sugar cravings and making sweet tastes less appealing than they'd normally be.

However, you also don't have to give up everything sweet to regain your health. Feel free to experiment with healthy artificial sweeteners like Stevia and Nativia.

Plus, you can indulge, within reason, in the natural sugars found in fruits like apples and oranges, which contain healthy antioxidants and fiber that balance out sugar's negative effects.

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