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Success Stories

Stacey B. lost 45 lbs*

* Individual results may vary, views are Stacey's own.

I am a 51-year-old business analyst and mum of 3 from Jervis Bay, Australia. My work requires me to travel a lot, so I spend 4 nights every week away from home. Since I didn’t have a regular routine, I relied on take-out food for my breakfast, lunch, and dinner, leading me to gain weight.

I knew it was time to make a big change after my eight-year-old son looked at my stomach and asked if I was having a baby. I felt and looked old, had no energy, and was cranky. I was also approaching my 50th birthday and wanted to feel fantastic for it!

Though I’d tried other diets, I found that they only worked for me short-term because I couldn’t commit to them as a full-blown lifestyle change. The 123Diet, however, provided me with simple and delicious recipes, as well as an amazing support page.

The wonderful staff guided and encouraged us, and the members were there for advice, congratulations, and pick-me-ups. They also shared the yummiest recipes!

To stick to my diet on the road, I packed pre-made smoothies for my travel days and healthy finger foods like cucumbers, celery and tomatoes. The weight just seemed to fall off!

I started with small goal of 10 kilos and then decided to go for another 10. In the end, I lost 20 kg (45 pounds) in only 5 months! A year later, I’ve kept it all off.

I feel healthier, have more energy, and love how I look in my new wardrobe. I feel so fit and strong that I’ve even taken up playing hockey again after 25 years, and I’ve started playing indoor netball. I love telling my friends about the 123Diet and showing off my before and after photos, and a lot of them have had success on the program as well!

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Stacey celebrating her 50th birthday and feeling fabulous.